About Us

The URO-Radiology Prostate Institute (URPI) in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area is directed by Panos G. Koutrouvelis, M.D. who has practiced radiology and radiation oncology in Northern Virginia for over 45 years. Dr. Koutrouvelis, a distinguished fellow in the American College of Nuclear Medicine , has performed brachytherapy for prostate cancer in over 1,000 patients since 1994 and has presented his method at national and international meetings of brachytherapy, urology, and radiology societies. His findings have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals .

URPI’s multispecialty medical team includes diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, urologic oncologists, medical oncologists, anesthesiologists, medical physicists, and anatomical pathologists all of who have wide experience in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Among the physicians associated with URPI are radiation oncologists Panos G. Koutrouvelis and urologists Harold Bondy, Fred Hendricks, Stuart Katz, Niko Lailas, James Sehn, and Guillermo Gil-Montero.

URPI’s use of computerized tomography (CT) in conjunction with a 3-D stereotactic system for interstitial radiation of the prostate cancer advances treatment, substantially diminishing complications and medical costs. It is a safe and accurate technique without limitations posed by prostate size, shape, TURP defects, or pubic arch interference. Over 250 patients whose prostate volumes exceeded 60cm3 have been treated at the URPI with brachytherapy alone.

Furthermore, we have treated 76 patients with salvage brachytherapy after failed external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy, and/or radical prostatectomy. In addition, we have treated 60 patients who had prior transurethral resection (TUR) before implant. Patients with high grade tumors (Gleason’s 7 or greater) or seminal vesicle invasion have also been treated with monotherapeutic 3-D CT-guided brachytherapy.